Verum Messenger has improved the privacy of its customers’ correspondence

Author: CoinSense

Verum Messenger has significantly increased the security of their customers’ data. Now personal correspondence is even more protected.

After installing the latest update (Version 1.8.8), you can not worry that the interlocutor will record from the phone screen. Now, when you activate the screen recording function built into iOS, all information inside the application will be automatically hidden and will not be recorded.

Recall that, while maintaining the secrecy of correspondence, Verum Messenger warns the interlocutor about taking screenshots, copying, forwarding messages and files in chats, as well as saving files to the device.

The updates also affected the creation of group chats. Now, with one click of a button, you can add all contacts to the group at once. And also it became possible to remove notifications about missed calls from the chat.

Verum Messenger is designed for maximum security and anonymity. To use the messenger, you do not need a phone number, since the application is not tied to it. Even if the phone falls into the hands of third parties, they will not be able to enter the application – on Verum you can set a passcode for each entrance, as well as protect Touch ID or Face ID data.

Verum uses end-to-end encryption for all chats without exception, does not store correspondence and files in the cloud, and does not collect user data. And, as a nice bonus, the app has a built-in VPN.