BitInterPay – Crypto Bank: a guarantee of the safety of your digital assets

Author: CoinSense

BitInterPay – Crypto Bank provides one of the easiest and safest ways to buy, exchange and manage cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.

In addition, cryptobank offers its customers a wide range of services. Store your money in crypto and/or shares using the platform. Eight crypto wallets are available at the bank, including VERUM, BNB, USDT, BTC, LTC, BCH, ETH and DOGE, on all networks available to them.

With BitInterPay – Crypto Bank, you can quickly exchange cryptocurrencies with each other (all eight available currencies), for example, you can exchange USDT or BNB for VERUM and vice versa. In doing so, you can buy and sell shares of top companies such as Tesla, Google, Apple and many others in any quantity at their market price at the time of purchase.

Also available to users is the purchase of metals, such as gold and silver, fast deposit and withdrawal of funds, as well as a guarantee of the security of your personal financial data and digital assets stored in the BitInterPay – Crypto Bank.

The interface of the mobile application is intuitive, and the team is always ready to process customer requests in the shortest possible time and at a convenient time for them.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the new era of digital assets and start using the BitInterPay – Сrypto Bank app available on iOS today!