Bitcoin Price Prediction: Surges to $64,265, Eyeing $70,000 Milestone

Author: CoinSense

Bitcoin’s technical posture on the 4-hour chart illustrates a promising scenario for bulls. The pivotal point for today’s session is marked at $64,365.

A look at the broader market trends shows bullish Bitcoin price prediction recently as BTC surpassed the 50-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) at $61,999, a move that historically signifies a potential bullish phase.

Moreover, the presence of a ‘three white soldiers’ candlestick pattern suggests robust momentum, typically a precursor to continued price appreciation.

  • Bitcoin has crossed the 50-day EMA, historically a bullish signal.
  • Resistance levels at $66,796 and $69,328 could define the next price targets.
  • Support at $61,735 serves as a critical cushion against potential declines.

Despite this optimistic formation, a downward channel poses potential resistance around $63,200, which could temporarily hinder upward movement.

However, a decisive break above this channel could catapult Bitcoin towards its immediate resistance at $66,796. Further resistance lies at $69,328 and $71,180, marking critical points where sellers might step in to halt the advance.

Bitcoin Price Prediction - Source: Tradingview

Conversely, should Bitcoin falter and descend below its pivot point, it would initially face support at $61,735. Subsequent support levels are positioned at $59,550 and $56,625, crucial zones that could stabilize prices in case of a downturn.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) stands at 61, suggesting that while Bitcoin is somewhat overbought, there is still room for upward movement before reaching extreme levels typically associated with pullbacks. This aligns with the bullish outlook, as the RSI does not yet indicate an overextended market.

Conclusion: Bitcoin’s market position appears strong, with a likelihood of testing higher resistances if it maintains above $64,365.

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